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Mt. Baden-Powell 11/7/09

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Mt. Baden-Powell 11/7/09

Postby drhabes » Sun Nov 08, 2009 9:09 pm

Well I hadn't planned on hiking BP today but when I got to Vincent Gap this is what greeted me! :thumbsdown:


I asked the guy what was going on since I had called the FS about a week ago and they said the road was open to Islip Saddle where it was closed due to the Station Fire. (Hwy 39) He said it was now closed for the winter! Well so much for my plans of the day which was to hike out from Dawson Saddle and trek over the Hawkins ridge down to South Hawkins. Humm...guess that will have to wait until next year! I'm still wondering what that "guy" was doing up there!

Still it was a beautful day to hike up BP. That is still an interesting climb to the top! Consistently steep all the way! A few of the views along the way:




Once at the top we where greeted with amazing views!



Here was our hiking log for the day:

Vincent Gap/ Baden-Powell trail head 8:09am
PCT mile 1 marker 8:43am
Leumel Springs 9:10am
PCT mile 2 marker 9:14am
PCT mile 3 marker 10:07am
Mt. Baden-Powell summit 11:03am
leave summit 11:52 am
Vincent Gap parking lot 1:34pm

One interesting view was that of a "white" patch seen on the ridge above Mountain High Ski Resort:


Yes, that is SNOW! Some folks where actually skiing down this run! WOW! I guess it's never too early to break out the skis!

Another wonderful day hiking is SoCal!

Rest of the pictures are here: http://drhabes.smugmug.com/Backpacking/ ... 8532_JNBSJ

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Re: Mt. Baden-Powell 11/7/09

Postby Hetchy » Tue Nov 10, 2009 6:53 pm

Nice Pictures!
Baden Powell is a really nice climb. When I was there about 5 other thru hikers arrived. It was cool to watch them climb the last yards to the summit..

Thru Hiker "Where is Ido" reaches the summit of Baden Powell.
The hike north from there is a little "taste" of whats to come further north on the PCT. Knife edge ridges really do exist.. as real as anything in Hollywood!
SoCal has some amazing scenery! I was shocked at the landscape!
Baden Powell's Summit
View from Baden Powell
I just remembered a funny trail story from Baden Powell!
Banshee was hiking up the switchbacks of Baden Powell un-aware that her buddies were taking turns stacking stones on her ridgerest. They had, it seems, amassed quite a stack of rocks on her pack and even began to tell jokes about rocks, cairns, etc.. still on she hiked on...until the rocks slid off her pack!
I have to say that I also witnessed poor Banshee unloading a large piece of concrete that had somehow found it's way into her pack at Red's Meadow as well!
Anyhow! :D
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