West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, Canada

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West Coast Trail, Vancouver Island, Canada

Post by jimqpublic » Fri Feb 24, 2006 4:43 pm

My backpacking experience was limited to dozens of trips (maybe hundreds) in the Sierra, one ski tour in Lassen, and one backpack trip in the Trinity Alps.

In looking for something new, different, green, cool, and low altitude about 10 years ago my wife and I settled on the West Coast Trail on Vancouver Island.

It was a great contrast to the Sierra. Sea level, dense cedar forest, moist air. We got lucky and hit the longest rain-free spell ever recorded on the trail so didn't suffer the typical mud and slick logs.

What really got me though was just how brutal a trail can be and stay within 500 feet of sea level. That thing went up and down all day long but without the feeling of accomplishment you get cresting a pass. Also it was my first experiencing backpacking loose beach sand. Talk about a workout!

The trip was great, but memories fade. One thing I always do in the Sierra is add some flavor to food with wild onions picked in the meadows. On the WCT I added various seaweed. Also when crossing a First Nations reservation we bought fresh caught- live - crabs. Yum Yum!

Here's what I think is the trail's official website:


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Post by BSquared » Fri Feb 24, 2006 8:16 pm

Sounds wonderful, Jim! Some friends of ours have done similar trips on the southwest coast of Tasmania (but without the First People, unfortunately), and they had terrific times.

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