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Haiwee Ridge / Scattered Bones 01.24.09

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Haiwee Ridge / Scattered Bones 01.24.09

Postby Ranboze » Fri Jan 30, 2009 10:45 pm

Another "plan B" hike. We planned on Nelson Peak, but Saline Valley Road was closed, so we did Haiwee Ridge (aka Jurassic Peak) and Scattered Bones Peak. On the drive in via the Cactus Flat road, Sooz spotted a golden eagle. A few moments later as we were driving along Cactus Flat we all stared in amazement at a mountain lion running up the ridge. We were sure he was crouching behind the boulders snickering as we later walked by him.

This was another inspiring hike along a wide open ridge with the Owens Valley below and Sierras watching us all day. Some fun bouldering as well.

I happened to check The Morning Report while in Lone Pine and it indicated SVR was closed due to snow/ice on South Pass. I was curious about exactly where the road closure would be. I had the time, so I drove to the the SVR/190 junction and the road closure sign was at the junction. Total bummer as we were only going in 8 miles, then take off towards Nelson. Good to know what they mean when they say it is closed.

Haiwee Ridge / Scattered Bones photos
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