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2008 Spring Wildflower Trip Chronicles

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2008 Spring Wildflower Trip Chronicles

Postby SSSdave » Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:17 pm


It is a bit early for the Sierra Nevada except in the lower foothills so at this time of year I tend to to visit other lowland areas, especially those in our Southern California Deserts per below.

This morning I uploaded a considerable number of files onto my website for what is a rather ambitious attempt on my part to break some new ground web-wise in presentation. I spent all the last week working on this 9-page feature that includes dozens of images, since returning from my 10-day road trip, plus spent some earlier days on it just before leaving. The fruit of some more advanced html/css/javascript study the last few months. I'm getting dangerous now yet still ignorant enough to not always know better on how I'm doing things. The feature is anchored by rather incredible wildflower landscapes from what I found down during the Easter week in southwest Riverside County areas. I'm likely going to continue to tweak it over the next few weeks and add content as the 2008 season continues to unfold. Not likely to be worth the time or be amusing for the impatient or those just interesting in quickly looking at few snap shots and reading one-liners. On my Contents Page, I recommend first reading the brief READme note on mouse navigating the pages, in order to not flounder about haha. Otherwise excuse me for any inconveniences. And I am interested in some feedback on presentation issues that I'm still experimenting with.

On my below homepage at top right, select the sub-page linked as "2008 Spring Wildflower Trip Chronicles"


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Re: 2008 Spring Wildflower Trip Chronicles

Postby Windwalker » Wed Apr 02, 2008 7:07 am

Some impressive blooms you have captured David ! :thumbsup:
I recently heard Shell Creek is in bloom, might have to wander over that way soon.
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Re: 2008 Spring Wildflower Trip Chronicles

Postby mountaineer » Wed Apr 02, 2008 2:37 pm

Nice work David!
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