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Telescope Peak from Shorty's Well

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Telescope Peak from Shorty's Well

Postby tomcat_rc » Sun Oct 07, 2007 4:34 pm

continuing my consecutive week streak above 10,000ft - now 25 weeks in a row and 1 more to make 6 months -this week's hike slated as the most aggressive yet.

Telescope Peak from Shorty's Well. with Shortys Well at -253ft elevation hiking to Telescope at 11,048 - with ups and down makes for an 11,500ft elevation gain day. this was my first attempt at anything over 10k day so I was somewhat nervous all week. unlike Superman Kent we opted to leave a vehicle at Mohagany Flats and take the more tame trail out.

I rolled into camp around 8ish and managed to be asleep by 930pm - this allowed for about 4 hours of sleep as we were trying to be on the trail by 2am. by the time everyone was ready is was 2:40am start time.

the first appr 9 miles is a mostly tame 4wd road with a few wash out sections that leads up to Hanapaugh Springs. we arrived up to the springs with first light. the springs are the last place to tank up with water, so we all filled up as necessary.

from the springs you start a northerly ascent - just below the ridgeline is an old miners trail the traverses along following the ridge. for the next couple hours the route just stays following ridge is fairly tame to follow. then comes about 2,000ft climb up what is sometimes loose shale - this was the grunt of the trip. a light dusting of snow had also put a slick surface to some of the rocks. at about 8,000 feet we top out at a small plateau and take a much needed break. from here it is about 1800 feet uphill to finally gain the main trail leading up. we all took a short rest at the trail intersection and the the final push to the summit.

arrived on summit at 2:10pm - so 11.5hours and 1,000ft per hours of gain. we had a group of 10 and everyone one made it to the summit. great group of people to hike with. after close to an hour break at the summit we all hiked down to Mohagany Flat to awaiting shuttle vehicles. dinner at Stove Pipe Wells and then back to Shorty Well. the trail from Shortys to summit appr 17 miles with the north ridge route and then 7 miles back down to Mohagany Flats trailhead.

will go through photos later -

view of Telescope from Hanapaugh Springs:

and me on the summit of Telescope:

mountain hiking is addictive:
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Postby Lewis » Mon Oct 08, 2007 12:09 am

Cool Tom,

I have been curious about that route for years ! Havent been up Hanapauh in years either, used to be some wild berrys growing there.

Reminds me, there is a road not shown on the topos that I remember heading north out of the canyon, did you use go up that?

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Postby ridgeline » Mon Oct 08, 2007 5:06 am

Good Job, Your summit photo looks like you might want to take a long nap about now.
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