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Boundary Peak, not Dubois

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Boundary Peak, not Dubois

Postby langenbacher » Mon Jul 02, 2007 12:10 pm

I was going to climb Dubois June 23, but just climbed Boundary Peak instead. Pictures are at http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/559632210CMDakz

I also explored canyons on both sides of the northern White Mountains, with my friend in Benton. There's a new road for the approach to Mt. Dubois from the east - put in by land developers, it makes for a much smoother ride for the 1st few miles off the highway - see the above pictures for a map and photos. On the west side we explored Morris Creek Canyon, which approaches Boundary Pk. - it was pretty, but a real slow bushwack. Also visited an abandoned apple orchard at Orchard Spring.

I hate to climb XC alone, which is why I skipped Dubois and Montgomery, but I was not alone on Boundary. Ten other people and a dog made it to the Nevada high point that day. I made the summit in 2.5 hours, rested on top for 1.5 hours, and took 1.5 hours to get down, jogging on the flat part. It was a nice peak, but I want to go back to Montgomery for better views, and also back to get Dubois, the 2nd highest of the White's.

After hiking Boundary, I drove a rough section of road down from Queen Canyon saddle to Trail Canyon, but I definitely recommend against it. Trail Canyon and the road out to the east were nice.

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Postby Shawn » Mon Jul 02, 2007 9:50 pm

Hi Harry,

I enjoyed your pictures (seems your smile gets wider with elevation ;) ).
Looks like a busy day on Boundary but some nice people to compare notes with.

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Postby tomcat_rc » Mon Jul 02, 2007 10:47 pm

great day on the mountain and good photos -
I still need to get back and do Montgomery - also want to bag Dubois also
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Postby madeintahoe » Fri Jul 20, 2007 1:11 pm

Harry...Wonderful pictures! Looks like you sure had a good day!
It is a such a beautiful high and barren place..I loved it there :nod:
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