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wildflower road trips now on website

Posted: Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:10 pm
by SSSdave

Today I've belatedly uploaded all three of my Southern California desert wildflower road trips into my website, a total of 3 pages of content each with a dozen or two images. That covers 3 road trips over a total of 20 days in the field:

Joshua Tree National Park March 3>9
Anza Borrego State Park March 19>23 and Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve March 24>25
Carrizo Plain National Monument April 10>15

That can be accessed from my home page at

By selecting the sub link at top right:
2019 Trip Chronicles Chronicles

That brings one to the 2019 Contents Page with links to pages 1 through 4 below. Such wildflower focus stack blended stitch blended image took considerable tedious effort to manually process with Zerene Stacker, then Kolor Autopano Pro, then Adobe Photoshop CS6, as I slowly worked through the long backlog over the last two months. The largest image was a 12 frame 6 column by 2 row 17900 by 9200 pixel image from 182 individual shots on my Sony A6000. To understand how much detail is in each image one may select the enlarged vertical slice view link below each image that will display 1 to 3 narrow 300 pixel wide slices at 50% pixels.

As with such trips over the past decades, success much depended on weather, especially wind and included a number of unproductive days where I just had to wait out conditions. More able to do so over the last couple years that I've been in retirement from my hardware electronics career since every day I wake up is Saturday. And sometimes I end up with nothing as it is all part of the game.

Although the associated text on each page is somewhat verbose, one should be aware that a prime reason for recording that information shortly after each trip is because I will be exhibiting as public multimedia presentations with large 8k UHD displays that are just now appearing on the consumer market. Thus will be far easier talking about it all by working from these records.

Re: wildflower road trips now on website

Posted: Mon Jun 17, 2019 9:29 am
by SSSdave
Suspect no one else knew flower ponds exist at Carrizo Plain?


Re: wildflower road trips now on website

Posted: Tue Jun 18, 2019 12:13 pm
by davidsheridan
Thanks for sharing SSSDave! Beautiful photos and sounds like a great trip