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Wintery Week in Yosemite- Part 2

Posted: Tue Feb 27, 2018 1:34 pm
by Harlen
More photo doc.:
Soda Springs, with Altusky, Unicorn, and Cathedral Peak in the distance.
Parson's Lodge.
I think this is the McCauley Cabin; it's right by the Lodge.
What does this rock like to you?
Unicorn and Cockscomb. There is a lot of climbing potential around the Meadows- climbing of all sorts.
Fairview Dome and its cliffy friend.
The very easiest sort of climbing- I just hiked to the top of Pothole Dome for a view north. The two prominent peaks in the distance are Virginia Peak to the right, and Whorl Mountain to the left. Horse Creek Pass above those peaks makes a nice long ski in to Toulumne Meadows. Ask "Love the Sierra" for advice on that one:
After 4 years of backcountry skiing, this April we skied from Twin Lakes to Duck pass. It was gloriously beautiful and a big accomplishment for us!
I've only skied in from Virginia Lakes in that direction.
Lembert Dome behind me- the ski hut is just a quarter mile to the south west, and in better snow years, the base of Lembert is a great little ski area.
Lembert from Lyell Canyon at sunset.
There was really fine touring in the Meadows and canyons.

Re: Wintery Week in Yosemite- Part 2

Posted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 10:35 pm
by Harlen
What does this rock look like to you?
The consensus around here is: A dead condor chick's head ???