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Missing person near Yosemite: Nelson Valdez (22) (Resolved)

Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2019 8:52 pm
by tomba ... _yosemite/:
Missing person: Nelson Valdez (22) left for Yosemite on Thursday (Jan. 24) and hasn't been heard from since.

Nelson Valdez left Lodi, CA on Thursday, January 24th before 5 a.m to Yosemite National Park. He did not contact his parents to let them know that he arrived like he said he would. He was supposed to be there for one night and was supposed to go into work Saturday, but did not show up. Parents have called him but his phone is off. Last GPS location ping on his phone was in Toulomne County and Groveland, CA. He is 22 yrs old (5'10", approx. 170lb, dark brown hair, green eyes) and left wearing a yellow jacket, Levi’s, and a possible hat. He wears glasses as well. He drives a 2003 Red Honda Accord, License plate #7FQM550. Authorities have been contacted, and Lodi PD is working with appropriate agencies to investigate.


Re: Missing person near Yosemite: Nelson Valdez (22)

Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 11:36 pm
by LAhiker
Nelson Valdez's body was found last Tuesday -- it appears that his car went down an embankment. In this article, his body had not been identified, but that was subsequently done.