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San Joaquin Exploration - early September

Posted: Sat Aug 17, 2019 11:42 am
by tiesing
I would like to do a 3-4 day exploration of a seldom used trail from Miller Crossing of San Joaquin to Rube Meadow in the Ansel Adams Wilderness. Dates are flexible, tentatively Sep 9-12. I'm considering going off trail on the return to explore a way from Rube Meadow down to junction of North and Middle forks of San Joaquin. (Area map attached)
I have the experience and skills to do this trip alone, but since it is quite remote I'd like a partner for the extra safety factor. If you are keen to see some pristine wilderness and don't mind some rugged terrain, this trip is for you. I'm willing to take on all the guiding duties if you want to just tag along for the ride.