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Anyone using for smoke & weather data?

Posted: Sat Sep 05, 2020 9:45 am
by michaelzim
The big question for me right now [Labour Day weekend 2020] is: What is the smoke and weather likely to do in the next few days to a week?! I'm sure others may be trying to divine the same portents using the innumerable internet options to take a guess at it. I recently stumbled onto with their stated goal being: "Our goal is to provide the best weather forecasting service in the world" Lofty aims, but maybe they are indeed as digging into their forecasting mapping is super impressive, much more advanced than other sites I have used, plus flat out gorgeous! Check this out:

Wind Data - Wind (Sat. morn.).PNG
Wind Data - Detail *(Note the very fine wind arrows c/o Particles Animation) - Wind Detail (Sat. morn.).PNG
Air Pollution & Smoke Particulates - PM2.5 (Sat. morn.).PNG

You get the idea...and there are scores of different settings, details, modelling forecasts, etc., etc. Pretty stunning!

So the big question is - How good is it??? How well does the site do with forecasts - which go out 10 days for wind direction/strength and basic weather and 4 days for particulates???
I am just beginning to assess that now but was wondering if anyone else has been using this site for longer and has an opinion on that?

Thanks in advance ~ Michaelzim