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Alabama Hill Re-opened 6/17

Posted: Wed Jun 17, 2020 5:20 pm
by maverick
Inyo Co Sheriff's Dept:
The BLM recently announced that recreation within the Alabama Hills is now re-opened to the public. We are excited about re-opening areas of our backyard, but continue to have serious concerns about the risks currently associated with non-essential travel.

After going more than a month without a new COVID-19 case, we’re now seeing a resumption of positive cases including infected visitors. So, PLEASE continue to adhere to the California Public Health Orders, including staying local, wearing face masks whenever interacting with people outside of your household or within business establishments, and continuing to wash your hands frequently. This is not a political plea. We’d be devastated if a surge of new infections requires us to shut down businesses and/or recreation areas again. Thanks for doing your part!