Conditions request: Kern-Kaweah and lower Tyndall Creek crossings

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Conditions request: Kern-Kaweah and lower Tyndall Creek crossings

Post by agfhst » Sat Aug 17, 2019 6:45 pm

At the end of the month, I'm planning on crossing the Kern-Kaweah River from the Colby Pass Trail around 9600 feet to go up to the Picket Creek/Kaweah Basin area. Then a day or two later planning to do the lower Tyndall Creek crossing along the Kern River before climbing the John Dean Trail up the side of the canyon.

Any recent info about current conditions at these two crossings would be appreciated. I don't recall seeing any comments on the Kern-Kaweah crossing in trip reports, so I'm guessing/hoping it's not particularly remarkable, although maybe it's worse this year because of last winter's snowfall.

According to the SEKI trail conditions page, as of August 2 the lower Tyndall crossing was 3 feet deep and impassible to two-legged mortals. But since recent reports indicate that the upper Tyndall crossing along the JMT isn't a problem, I'm hoping that the lower crossing is also reasonable now.

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