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Half Dome Cables Are Up 6/6

Posted: Fri Jun 07, 2019 2:17 pm
by maverick
Yosemite NP:
The Half Dome cables are up for the season! The park helicopter (pictured) was necessary this year to help with some repairs. A permit is required to summit Half Dome. Most permits are available via preseason lottery, but a limited number are available every day, two days in advance. See for details.

If you will be hiking to Half Dome, be prepared with several liters of water, good hiking boots, and a headlamp (with extra batteries). Be prepared to turn around if a thunderstorm appears possible. Stay back from the Merced River, which is running very high right now. If you see a bear on the trail or approaching you, scare it away by yelling loudly, angrily, and persistently. Always keep your food within arm's reach. Oh, and have fun!