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Dayhiking out of Parchers this week...

Posted: Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:50 am
by Matthewkphx
I’ve got some time off next week and it occurred to me that I could come over to the east side and dayhike out of Parchers for a few days. I saw ... 2&start=10 which makes me think this might not be a good idea but I’m not planning to go over the crest... I was thinking about 3 dayhikes up to Midnight Lake, Piute Pass and Bishop Pass.

I see the forecast calls for some light flurries with no real accumulation this week.

I have no winter experience in the Sierra. I’ve only hiked in spring snow here in AZ without any ice or significant exposure.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Should I stay here in AZ or make a reservation at Parchers for this week?