Dayhiking out of Parchers this week...

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Dayhiking out of Parchers this week...

Post by Matthewkphx » Sat Oct 06, 2018 6:50 am

I’ve got some time off next week and it occurred to me that I could come over to the east side and dayhike out of Parchers for a few days. I saw ... 2&start=10 which makes me think this might not be a good idea but I’m not planning to go over the crest... I was thinking about 3 dayhikes up to Midnight Lake, Piute Pass and Bishop Pass.

I see the forecast calls for some light flurries with no real accumulation this week.

I have no winter experience in the Sierra. I’ve only hiked in spring snow here in AZ without any ice or significant exposure.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Should I stay here in AZ or make a reservation at Parchers for this week?

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Re: Dayhiking out of Parchers this week...

Post by rightstar76 » Sat Oct 06, 2018 9:36 am

It shouldn't be a problem. Just cold. So as I advised another HSTer, dress warm. ... 7jgsztRcdU

If you're going this week, the weather should be clear. Of course, double check each day in case anything changes. As long as you avoid ice in shady spots, you'll be okay. Absolutely turn around if you can't. I looked at the Mt. Williamson webcam this morning and there is visible snow along the Sierra Crest. Williamson is south of Parchers Resort, but it means there's probably snow on Bishop and Piute passes though I'm guessing not that much. I would take each hike slowly and go back if there is no way around icy areas. Otherwise, it should be good to go. Hold on to your wool hat if it's windy! :)

P.S. From AlmostThere's informative post about being comfortable in cold weather (not all of it is applicable to you since you'll be sleeping inside, but the clothing part is):
My clothing this time of year is: long sleeve shirt/pants for hiking, midweight base layer, windbreaker, rain layer, fleece hat, gloves, down jacket...

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