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McGee Creek crossings

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McGee Creek crossings

Postby steve_moran » Thu Aug 25, 2016 5:34 pm

Hi all,

In 2 weeks we'll be doing a day hike from McGee Creek trailhead to Steelhead Lake, which means crossing the creek 3 times. The last time I hiked this trail was 3 years ago, and I remember at least one of the crossings was pretty dilapidated -- I think it was a log that had collapsed into a V-shape. After finally having a winter with some snowfall in 2015-16, I am concerned about the conditions of these 3 crossings and how challenging they might be for somebody who found them not impossible but still plenty challenging 3 years ago, BEFORE the winter of 2015-16. As you can maybe surmise from this last statement, age and medical issues have taken their toll on my balance/mobility/agility, so the degree of difficulty for me doing things like creek crossings and boulder hopping has increased enormously.


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Re: McGee Creek crossings

Postby maverick » Thu Aug 25, 2016 7:16 pm

Hi Steve,

I think you will be quite alright, the snow melted off very rapidly this year, and we have had several week long heatwaves in the Sierra, then add in the non-existent monsoonal rain which adds up to low creek flows, especially into September.
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