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Mineral King>Farewell Gap>Bullion Flat 05JUNE2016

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Mineral King>Farewell Gap>Bullion Flat 05JUNE2016

Postby emcd661 » Tue Jun 07, 2016 2:01 pm

Went over Farewell Gap this weekend and camped at Bullion Flat.

Mineral King to Farewell Gap:
Considerable snow on the upper north side that makes following the trail impossible (completely lose it just south of 10,000'). Quite a few water crossings where the water runs under the snow, so be careful. Also, be advised, there is a downed tree(s) completely blocking the trail just south of Farewell Gap & Franklin Lakes trail junction. We passed on the GPS location to the NPS, so it will probably be cleared up soon.

Farewell Gap to Bullion Flat:
Nice cornice on the south side of the gap as well. Stay to the north-east side of the gap/cornice and the crossing is manageable. We elected to go to the south-west side and practice our self arrests down using our poles.

Very icy in the mornings. Kicked in plenty of steps as there were 3 of us. No special equipment needed.

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