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Conditions around Thousand Island During June?

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Re: Conditions around Thousand Island During June?

Postby kpeter » Fri Apr 08, 2016 8:18 pm

KevinDo wrote:
maverick wrote:Near the northern end of Iceberg is sublime, campsites at Cecile are :thumbsdown: .

PS By the way, our HST Meet-ups are a lot of fun, you have to attended one to make up your own mind, and not base it on someone who has never attended one. :nod:

Perfect! Makes Day 2 a little bit shorter. I was thinking of making a tad bit shorter by bushwhacking over the saddle south of garnet instead of reconnecting with the JMT. If the terrain's nice, I might be able to shave off 2 miles ish.

Here's my idea (the hashed trail is the JMT)

Hmm..I will definitely reconsider. Its 7/28 correct? Gotta figure out how I'll make my way out there. Maybe a multi day trip from Nelson...

Two years ago I crossed over the saddle south of Garnet via the two tarns east of point 3627. It was doable and pretty but certainly did not shave any time off the route--taking the trail the long way would have been a faster trip. If you go this way, you drop SSW from the larger tarn and follow the small green band down the steep slope down to the stream bed that drains from Nydiver. Somewhere in that vicinity you will probably pick up the switchbacks of the old trail to Nydiver that is no longer marked on the maps, and will take you down to the Shadow Creek trail that goes to Ediza. It was slightly tricky finding my way up from Garnet to the tarns--curving around 3627 seems to take forever. But the greatest danger is taking the wrong route down from the large tarn. Don't go east or SE or you will descend the wrong drainage and cliff out. The SSW route down the green band is steep but not particularly dangerous.

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Re: Conditions around Thousand Island During June?

Postby KevinDo » Fri Jun 17, 2016 11:36 am

Just got back from this trip and had a blast! There was still a decent amount of snow around the western portion of TI lake and over the garnet/ti Pass. Will be writing up a trip report soon! Thanks for all the insights folks!
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