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Black Ice

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Black Ice

Postby markskor » Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:35 am

Just a quick mention - Black Ice.
As storms pass - and melt, up here in the snow, many members are (should be?) making plans for adventure - winter mountain shenanigans. Should be/ all signs point to - a good snow season. [-o<

For those coming up from lower and dryer climes, be advised that even with 4 Wheel drive, driving in the snow/ice is a learned art - takes some time to master. Shady areas locally in Mammoth now hold unseen dangers - black ice, slick as snot - :crybaby:
Saw two tourist "incidents" just yesterday. [-X
Drive safe!
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Re: Black Ice

Postby rlown » Fri Nov 20, 2015 1:14 pm

Amen. Totally agree. Had a couple Winter trips back to family in Minnesota. Let's see. In Wyoming we had one spin on the ice; full 360 and hit the only metal post on the side of the road (Dad was driving). Should have gotten the clue that they don't sand as early as my dad decided to get on the highway. The other giveaway was that the only snow grader was covered under a foot of snow sitting along the side of the road. :eek:

Next trip back, we stopped somewhere in Iowa to get some groceries. The parking lot for the store was iced over and on a slope. Got out of the suburban and I noticed it was sliding sideways a bit. Well, yes I re-parked it on a snow berm.

Then in '83 I was up with the 64' impala at loon lake. On the way out we hit a patch of ice that spun us. Only a small dent on the right rear quarter panel into the only granite rock. It was a better outcome than the cliff on the other side of the road.

Then in '89, driving in Truckee (i think), we were approaching a downhill snowy intersection in the K5 blazer in 4wd. I tried to tap and slow her down, but was basically skating it at the time. Right through the intersection. That was fun.. =D>

My current vehicle isn't ready for snow unless I buy new tires, but they're in plan. Then chains for the front wheels.

It's about slowing down and paying attention to road conditions. Learned a Lot in my Minnesota driving trips in the winter.

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