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Water Source Update for Golden Trout Wilderness (SQF)

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Water Source Update for Golden Trout Wilderness (SQF)

Postby joshuacourter » Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:51 pm

An update for the Little Kern River basin in the Golden Trout Wilderness. These are known flowing water sources as July 17, 2015 and July 24, 2015. I personally checked these places out on a trip I did. Sorry for the delay in posting the information as I was out there for a couple weeks. Anyway, here is the information below. Streams were evaluated at trail crossings.

Flows as of July 17, 2015
Tamarack Creek = Flowing
Willow Creek = Flowing
Sheep Creek = Flowing
Lion Meadows Creek = Flowing
Little Kern River (Camelbak Ridge to Forks of the Kern) = Flowing
Alpine Creek (Parole cabin to Little Kern River) = Flowing
Soda Spring Creek (near Nelson Cabin site) = Flowing
Kern River = Flowing
Clicks Creek = Flowing

Noname Creek = Dry
Table Meadow Creek = Dry
Sagebrush Gulch = Dry

Flows as of July 24, 2015
Little Kern River (Headwaters to Camelbak Ridge) = Flowing
Bullfrog Lakes outlet = Flowing
Shotgun Creek = Flowing
Small Unnamed Tribs to Little Kern River (Broder's Cabin Site to Farewell Gap) = Flowing

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