University Peak

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University Peak

Post by rcymbala » Thu Jul 25, 2013 4:32 am

TITLE: University Peak (Its name commemorates the University of California. It is on the Sierra crest between Mount Gould to the north, and Mount Bradley to the south. -Wikipedia)

GENERAL OVERVIEW: Please include a general overview of the peak. ( has nice overview except "Getting There" says easiest approach is from Onion Valley, not Center Basin.)

CLASS/DIFFICULTY: Class 1 (from Center Basin); Class 2; Class 3 (north face); Class 4 (from Robinson Lk); 5.7 (Slim Lk.); 5.8 (Lk. 3460m).

LOCATION: Kings Canyon National Park/ Inyo National Forest
Wilderness/ Special Area: Sequoia-Kings Canyon Wilderness Area/ John Muir Wilderness Area (
View University Peak on the HST Map

ELEVATION: 13,632 /or/ 13,589


ROUTE DESCRIPTION: To the best of your ability, describe potential approaches.

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PHOTOS: If available, please include photos to the pass.
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