Mt Gould 13,005'

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Mt Gould 13,005'

Post by SNOOOOW » Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:24 pm

Mt Gould is a SPS listed peak that lies just north of Kearsarge Pass on the Sierra Crest.

The easiest route to the top would be to hike from Onion Valley out of Independence and up to Kearsarge Pass. Once you reach the top of Kearsarge Pass then turn to your right and look north and start walking up that ridge. There is a few "climbers trails" that will take you right to the summit block which is rated as class 3.

The summit block is rated class 3 at the easiest but I am sure there are a few more difficult routes up that crazy looking summit block.

Mt Gould is located on the Sierra Crest on the border of Kings Canyon National Park and Inyo National Forest. HST Map

Mt Gould is 13,005' or 3,964 m

Mt Gould is located on the Mt Clarence King USGS 7.5' topo

If passing over Kearsarge Pass from either direction I would highly recommend you just drop your pack, turn and face north and climb up the 1200' or so to the top. You definitely will not be disappointed. My buddy Vinny likes to make a video of his trips so I added it
Gould Pano.jpg
Gould Register.jpg
Gould Summit Block.jpg
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