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Dancing Bear Pass

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Dancing Bear Pass

Postby papercup » Wed Sep 06, 2017 4:55 pm

TITLE: Dancing Bear Pass

GENERAL OVERVIEW: This pass connects Bear Lakes Basin to the Italy Pass / Jumble Lake / Lake Italy region.

CLASS/DIFFICULTY: Straightforward class 2.

LOCATION: John Muir Wilderness. HST Map

ELEVATION: A bit over 12,000 feet.

USGS TOPO MAP (7.5'): Mt. Hilgard


North to South: If you are heading to Bear Lakes Basin from Granite Park, climb to Italy Pass. The broad saddle at the top of Dancing Bear Pass will be immediately obvious. Traverse to the saddle over mostly boulders, maintaining as much elevation as possible. Some scrambling up boulders will be necessary as you near the saddle, and there may be lingering snowfields to cross. Once you reach the saddle, it is an easy and largely sandy walk across to Bear Lakes Basin. If you are heading to Bear Lakes Basin from Lake Italy, you could do much the same thing-- climb almost to Italy Pass and then traverse over to Dancing Bear. It also is likely possible to approach Dancing Bear more directly from Jumble Lake, but I have not done so.

South to North: Follow the directions toward White Bear Lake contained in the White Bear Pass page. Shortly before arriving at White Bear Lake, turn north and ascend the slope toward Dancing Bear Pass. There are a number of possible routes and a variety of use trails available.

Dancing Bear from Italy Pass.jpg

Slopes leading to Dancing Bear saddle.jpg

Saddle of Dancing Bear leading to Bear Lakes Basin.jpg

Looking at White Bear Lake-- turn right and ascend.jpg
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