Rae Col

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Rae Col

Post by cgundersen » Fri Jul 21, 2017 10:42 am

TITLE: Rae col

GENERAL OVERVIEW: Connects the lakes below Glen Pass with 60 Lakes basin


LOCATION: John Muir Wilderness HST Map

ELEVATION: 3,570 meters

USGS TOPO MAP (7.5'): Mt Clarence King


This route serves as a connector between the un-named lakes north and west of the Glen Pass trail (JMT/PCT) and 60 Lakes basin. Although there is a perfectly serviceable trail connecting Rae Lakes and 60 Lakes basin, this route saves you from having to bottom out at Rae Lakes and then having to climb back over the ridge into 60 Lakes basin (a route that has always seemed unusually hot and sticky when I've done it). I have only taken this route by going from south to north (into 60 Lakes basin), but there will be a couple shots of what it looks like as you would see it from the 60 Lakes side. The approach from the south is basically class 1 (yes, you can make the ascent into this area a low class 2 depending on how you choose to go, but it's pretty easy to find simpler ascents). Once you hit the ridge overlooking 60 Lakes basin, it will become obvious that the best way down is northeast of the "bump" in the middle of the ridgeline. if you scout around a bit, you'll find a use trail that will take you all the way to the same lake that sits on the trail into 60 Lakes basin from Rae Lakes. Even if you do not find the use trail, it's an easy class 2 descent, as the photos will show.
ascent rc.jpg
top RC.jpg
top rc1.jpg
RC north 1.jpg
Rae col north2.jpg
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