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Lost Lakes Pass

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Lost Lakes Pass

Postby cgundersen » Sun Jul 16, 2017 3:11 pm

TITLE: Lost Lakes Pass

GENERAL OVERVIEW: This is a very gentle route connecting the lakes in Lost Lakes basin with the lakes that feed Kuna Creek below Kuna Peak


LOCATION: Minarets Wilderness

ELEVATION: 11,450 ft

USGS TOPO MAP (7.5'): Koip Peak

HST Map: HST Map

This is another one of those off-trail passes for which it takes appreciably more effort to reach the vicinity of the pass than it does to get over it, once you're there. This one's probably about a 1.5 on the rating scale on the south side and a 1 on the north side: basically a scramble up a rock, grass and flower-laden hillsides to the broad ridge. The south side was so inconspicuous that we neglected to take photos, but at least there are a couple shots looking down as we ascended the ridge. From the ridge, you can see into the basin to the north and the myriad small lakes. Again, it's a stroll down the north side. The real treat is the HUGE long range views of Lyell, Ritter, Banner, the Minarets and the rest of the stunning cohort of peaks to the south and west. The photos begins with two shots during the ascent from the south followed by views "down" the other side and a final long-range shot back that includes the pass.



LLP north.jpg

LLP north2.jpg


Yes, the final shot is the long view back at the pass with Banner and Ritter still on the horizon.
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