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High recommendation for PocketFuel

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High recommendation for PocketFuel

Postby balance » Fri Oct 17, 2014 6:01 am

Many of us look for foods that are healthy, taste great, pack well and are convenent for the trail. That's what you get with PocketFuel.

It's sort of like Nutella or peanut butter, but the base is ground almonds, along with natural fruits & berries, and cane sugar. There are ten flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, coffee, etc., which they say is 100% natural, whole food. I've only used banana-blueberry, but that tastes great. It comes in a foil container, 1.8, 3, and 20 ounces, and is easy to use, sort of like squeezing peanut butter out of a toothpaste tube. I've found the 20 ounce package lasts me for a five to seven day trip.

The flavor is sweet and tasty enough to be a dessert; I really look forward to a few shots after any meal. It also shines as an energy booster along the trail. PocketFuel is big with the endurance athlete crowd, and I guess when you or I hike over a 12,000 ft. pass that makes us endurance athletes.

PocketFuel is on the shelf at REI, or you can order it online. I checked out their website before trying this, and the people who make it seem legit. They don't know I'm writing this, and I'm not involved with their business in any way. I'm just letting you know how this makes my trips into the mountains a little more fun, healthy and easy.


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