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Re: paleo backcountry food

Posted: Thu Mar 27, 2014 10:43 am
by rlown
RichardNixon06 wrote:Its not about having a certain philosophy. I have ulcerative colitis and the paleo diet has changed how I feel and how my body processes food. Im not about to get all crazy and start hiking naked or anything but its really not fun to be in the backcountry and start having gastrointestinal distress. And thanks maverik ill check those out
Ok.. new plan.. It's not about the "diet" plan. It's about how to translate your current home plan into backpacking food, and amp it up for caloric intake. That should be your focus. Not sure if fruit is in that plan, but.. It really depends on you and what you're comfortable eating. A dehydrator is only in the cards if your diet drives you that direction. It's pretty obvious a Mountain House meal should not be in your future plans.

Glad you're still out doing things in the backcountry.