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Post Sierra trip brew spot/brew choice

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Post Sierra trip brew spot/brew choice

Postby giantbrookie » Fri Sep 20, 2013 9:09 pm

I don't know if this has been covered before in a previous thread, or whether this is in fact the correct forum (Campfire?) to place this but...

What is your favorite place to grab a brew after a trip to the High Sierra? What is your favorite pint or bottle of choice?

I realize this isn't necessarily as easy as it sounds, given that we can't really throw down the pints if we have to drive several hours to get home.

Here is my list but it is a bit skewed, given that my usual "after hike brew" is at home.

Current return from west flank trip: (home). no. 1 choice of brew. Sierra Nevada Torpedo (my after hike favorite until the advent Torpedo was SN Pale Ale). Whatever homebrewed IPA I have (brewing since 1994, currently fermenting batches no. 100 and 101) around is nearly always preferred over any commercial brew for normal drinking purposes, including Torpedo, but my own IPAs tend to be so intense and sipping-oriented, that I prefer Torpedo over my own when I'm dying of thirst after one of those "3 day backpack crammed into a dayhike" sort of scenarios.

East Side. For me it's either of the Whiskey Creek restaurants/pubs (brewery in Mammoth or the pub restaurant in Bishop) depending on where I am. Their IPA is very legit. The also tend to have it on tap at Whoa Nellie, too,which is a nice thing. Tioga Pass Resort usually has a respectable range of bottled beers you can get with dinner and their bottle prices for having with a meal are very reasonable. I have tended to opt for Stone IPA on my last few visits.

West flank. OK, I'm in Fresno, so Fresno spots go first...Sequoia Brewing Co. Two locations, the brewery in the Tower District (closer to 180, probably easier for most folks eventually headed elsewhere), and northeast Fresno (near where I live). Respectable but not extraordinary regular IPA (General Sherman IPA), but supremely accomplished Red IPA (Bighorn Red). Some of the seasonal brews are among the very best in their class: the Matterhorn (update of the legendary Logsplitter that was last brewed in 2005), an imperial red, is the best imperial red I've ever had (Lagunitas Undercover Shut Down is the only brew that I consider in its league). The double IPA, the Buzzsaw, is a super high gravity double IPA (11%) that pushes the boundaries of the style. I've nicknamed their Imperial Stout "One Stout and Out" which should speak for itself. Either pub is a decent place to eat as well as grab a pint. Some folks I know don't like the food that much, but I've always enjoyed it.

West flank, Fresno, cont'd. Eureka Burger (see burger thread). Those burgers are my all time favorites and the tap list is way above average with Stone, Sierra Nevada, Deschutes, and Lagunitas seasonals always on hand. BC's Pizza and Beer has the best tap selection in Fresno with a ever changing tap list of micros, plus a good Belgian list. They always seem to have some sort of beer festival going on. There are some brews (mostly Belgian) that I've only had at BCs, even though I've been to the Trappist (Oakland), Lucky Baldwins (Pasadena), and Toronado (SF) on many an occasion. Superb bottled selection, too. Good pizza.

(Other, west flank) Have tried their beers but haven't been to their pubs: Kern River Brewing Company is legendary. Their regular IPA (Just Outstanding) is indeed outstanding, and their Citra double IPA is justifiably revered. Folks are always telling me about how great this place is and making me jealous for not being there. Brubakers in Visalia makes a fine IPA, too.

In a bygone era, when Judy and I were headed up to Desolation (and fishing for those giant brown and macks) we had a go-to spot in South Lake Tahoe. That place, known as Dixon's, hasn't existed for some years now, but the memories remain. They had a good tap list (including homebrews from the owner) and some amazing food specials, as well as the greatest dessert I've ever had at restaurant--a raspberry-white chocolate shortcake you'd have to taste to believe. There is a special cake I make for my kids' and Judy's birthdays that they always request and this cake was inspired by the old Dixon's raspberry shortcake. Miss that place.
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Re: Post Sierra trip brew spot/brew choice

Postby TahoeJeff » Sat Sep 21, 2013 8:37 am

Yep, Dixon's was awesome. It's a burrito joint now.....
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