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The HST High Sierra Map

Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2011 6:59 am
by copeg
Introducing the High Sierra Topix Map

Introducing a new HST feature - the High Sierra Topix Map. This map contains information specifit to the High Sierra which is added and edited by curators1 - taking advantage of the wealth of knowledge HST members have to offer.

Based upon google maps, its features include:
  • Topo map and satellite options
  • Custom Information organized by category. The current categories cover the High Sierra region, and include:
    • Cross-country passes.
    • 7.5' USGS topo maps with links to download the full topo as a TIFF.
    • Fishless lakes, annotated based upon giantbrookie's Fish Kill and Lost Lake thread
    • 13k and 14k peaks
    • Hot spring, waterfalls, food resupply locations, difficult seasonal creek crossings, and more…
  • Full browser page map views
  • Recent updates page.
  • Search feature of all map items or those only within select categories.
  • Ability to link to the map from the forums (note that currently, the map cannot be embedded within the forums) using the text below the map
Please note this is the initial version launch, and while we have done our best to make sure the information is correct and up to date, marker placements and descriptions should be considered approximate. Currently, if you are not an editor, corrections or suggested additions should be made directly to an editor or in the comments and suggestions forum.

Quite a bit of work went into this feature, and a great many thanks goes out to those that made this possible. Maverick for the idea; Eric for the permission; Eric, markskor, myself, and especially Maverick for entering in the information currently displayed on the map; giantbrookie for valuable fishing information; all HST admin and moderators for their help, suggestions, testing, and debugging; Google and ArcGIS for their available tools. All the software (save for the actual google map itself) was written by me - any suggestions, problems, bug reports, etc…should be posted in the comments and suggestions forum or sent directly to me (please be sure to read the FAQ and make sure your question isn't addressed there).

Happy mapping!

1Not all HST members are map editors, and our current list of editors is small until all kinks are worked out of the system, and we are sure we can open it up more to a wider audience of editors.

Re: Introducing the HST High Sierra Map

Posted: Wed Sep 07, 2011 7:22 pm
This is a wonderful new addition to the HST resource. I want to first personally and publicly thank copeg for lending us his coding ninja skilz =D> and for the many hours of hard work and enthusiasm he devoted to making this happen. I also want to thank maverick, markskor and all the other Moderators who contributed ideas and their valuable time inputing the massive amount of data necessary for the map to be ready for initial release. And last but but least, I want to thank all the HST members who have contributed information by way of posts to the forums over the years which has subsequently been incorporated into the map (or that will be incorporated) and thus added to its usefulness as yet another HST resource.

This map is a perfect illustration of an online High Sierra Community which cannot be heralded enough for its vast knowledge, and conviction towards the sharing of that vast knowledge. Cheers to each and every one of you.


Re: Introducing the HST High Sierra Map

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:23 pm
by copeg
The HST map has been updated with new features and layouts. Included with the updates:
  1. Options to customize the map - including removing/adding map widgets (zoom, streetview, etc..).
  2. A crosshair has been added by default (can be removed via options)
  3. Map type (topo, terrain, etc...) is now retained in the link URLs provided below the map
  4. The look and feel has been adjusted to match that of the new HST style template.
  5. The layout of the full size map has been changed. Within the full size view:
    • A print button is available to print the map.
    • A search box is available that allows a google search for locations (this search does not include HST specfic data like cross-country passes)
  6. A few long distance trails have been added (JMT and Theodore Solomon Trail)
  7. Last, but certainly not least, members can now embed a map into a forum post. To embed the map in a post
    1. Navigate your browser to the HST Map
    2. Configure the map with the appropriate zoom and markers over the location of interest.
    3. Copy the [map] bbcode into your post: below the map are three gray text boxes, the last of which contains the code necessary to embed the map into the forums. For instance, the following

      Code: Select all

      [map]lat=36.804893532178305&long=-118.44140995025634&zoom=14&cat= &mt=3[/map]
      Will produce:
    Please be aware that
    1. Each embedded map requires lots of resources - please avoid posting more than one map per post and/or thread as doing so will result in excessively slow page load times.
    2. Please avoid posting maps containing HST specific markers/selected categories as these significantly reduce page load times (this option may be disabled at a later date depending upon usage and performance during a trial period)
    3. Embedded maps do not seem to be available for Tapatalk users.
    4. For the time being, the map is best viewed on desktop computers rather than mobile devices (phones and tablets).

As always, for comments and suggestions, please visit the comments/suggestions section.