gmap4 embeds

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gmap4 embeds

Post by fishmonger » Fri May 20, 2011 9:39 am

so I tried everything to emebd a GMAP link with the buttons on the menu. All I got was the code in the message body.

Was that because I didn't do it first time, but after a message edit?

let's try again - I have a longitude/lattiude and a full URL to the map: ... &z=15&t=t2" onclick=";return false;

do I embed that with the full tag? let's try that first (Gmap4 button) ... &z=15&t=t2

and maybe with the gmap4LL button?

[Gmap4LL] ... &z=15&t=t2[/Gmap4LL]

or is this thing smart and only wants the LL from me, maybe with zoom level and map type?


or just the two LL values?


well, in preview, I see only the last one working. I suppose that's good enough for most, as it chose the map type and zoom level I would have picked. So what's the syntax for the regular gmap4 button? it appears to prepend the URL up to the q= part - is that where I throw in a gpx file URL?

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Re: gmap4 embeds

Post by Joseph » Fri May 20, 2011 5:54 pm

Hi Fish,

Thanks for using Gmap4. Let me see if I can shed light.
Eric has programmed 2 Gmap4 buttons. All together now - Thanks Eric!

#1. Gmap4 button
If you (1) have a GPX, KML, KMZ, TPO file and (2) you have put that file online,
then paste the URL to your file between the Gmap4 tags and hit "Preview'.
You should see your post with a map displaying your file.

#2. Gmap4LL button
Yes, I think your post is correct.
If you post a lat,lng between these tags, then you will get a map centered on that spot


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