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Instead of emailing or messaging the Admins or Mods with technical support questions or comments about the site, we prefer you check here to see if someone else has had the same difficulty or has made the same suggestion. What you're after might have already been posted and addressed here or within the FAQ. If not, please post a detailed description of the problem/suggestion and someone from the HST team will address your needs shortly. If you can't login/post and are unable to reset your password on your own, you may contact us directly.
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HST Notifications

Post by copeg » Thu Jun 18, 2015 9:13 am

Introducing the new HST notification feature. Notifications are meant to provide a high level way in which you can monitor forum activity, and currently occur when:
  1. A PM has been received
  2. An announcement has been made by HST moderators or admin.
  3. A post has been made to a topic on your watch list
  4. A post of yours has been quoted
  5. When you have been 'tagged' within a post. Tagging occurs when another user has preceded your username with the '@' symbol within their post. (e.g. @copeg wrote this post). Please note that usernames containing non-alphanumeric characters must be wrapped in single quotes for the notification to function correctly (e.g. @'user name', @'user.name', @'user?name', etc...).

Notifications are accessible via the 'bell icon' in the main menu (to the left of 'Home' - on mobile devices they will be first within the menu when expanded) - the number of new notifications visible in red above. When scrolled over, the drop down menu will list the notifications - posts and private messages can be viewed by clicking the appropriate link in the menu. You can also remove of each notification individually by clicking the 'x' to the right of the notification, or remove all notifications by clicking the trash icon at the base of the drop down (see note below).

Please keep in mind that:
  1. At most, only the newest 25 notifications are displayed - to view more, newer notifications should be individually removed and page refreshed (note that clicking the trash icon will remove all notifications, not just those visible).
  2. While notifications will work for content created via Tapatalk, notifications cannot be viewed within the app itself.
Of course, comments and suggestions are always welcome and can be posted in the corresponding thread in Technical Problems, Questions, and Suggestions.

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Re: HST Notifications

Post by michaelzim » Thu Jun 02, 2016 1:41 pm

Sorry if I'm being an idiot but I have looked through FAQ's and the specific "HST Notifications" and I do not see an "X" place or how to stop this that I got below, to a posting I am not involved in and do not want to be particularly. When I go to my User Control Panel re Notifications to try and change the thing it says:
You have no post notification options available

Ummmmmmmmmm, then how do I stop it????????????

So here is the email I got below in case makes it clearer as an example. The first line is about me "watching for all posts"...which I'm not, as far as I know. Then the implication in last paragraph is that I can change this option...but i have failed to grasp how to do so, or where the magic "X" is, etc.

Thanks if anyone can clarify... Michaelzim E.G below >

Hello michaelzim,

You are receiving this notification because you are watching for all posts
at "High Sierra Topix." The site has received a new reply by balzaccom to
the topic "TR: N. Yosemite, Emigrant, Cherry Creek, Styx Pass 5/28-5/30."
You can use the following link to view the first unread post in that topic:


You will not receive another site notification until you visit the site
(though you may receive a topic or forum notification if you are separately
subscribed to another topic or forum that receives a post).

If you want to change your post notifications settings, click on the
following link:


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Re: HST Notifications

Post by RooPhillip » Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:11 pm

I'm getting the same messages. Not to worry--I'm sure they're working on it. :)

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Re: HST Notifications

Post by ERIC » Thu Jun 02, 2016 3:40 pm

Issue is on our end but hopefully patched up for the time being. Read here: http://highsierratopix.com/community/vi ... 30#p107730
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