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FYI - Mineral King Store Info

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FYI - Mineral King Store Info

Postby Shawn » Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:56 pm

I received this message last week regarding the recent change of ownership of the Silver City store.

Breaking news from Norm & Connie Pillsbury regarding the Silver City Resort:

"The new owners of the Silver City Mountain Resort are Philip and Kalina Bay who live in Athens, Greece. Athens is his headquarters for his world-wide travels.

"He has hired Forrest Jones (our son) to be the general manager and make all on-the-ground decisions, leaving the large decisions for him. He has a keen sense of stewardship and wants to keep the atmosphere and environment at Silver City the same. . . . Philip is a man of his word; you can count on him doing what he says. I've attached a picture of them taken last October at Silver City. They are both very bright and fun people.

"We feel very blessed that we found someone who understands the resort and the mountain and wants to work with the community and park leaders. We are even more blessed that Forrest and Kathrina will be there running the resort.
Philip has also retained me [Norm] to work on some projects as well, so we'll still be around now and then, but we mostly plan on doing more hiking!

"Our email address will be cnhike@yahoo.com from now on, and silvercity@thegrid.net will only go to Forrest. This is important to change on your list. Philip and Kalina's email
is: silvercityresort@yahoo.com.

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