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Cross Country Backpacking Advice

How do you prepare for the rigorous physical requirements of high elevation adventure? Strength and endurance are key, but are only part of a more complex equation. How do you prepare for changes in altitude, exposure, diet, etc.? How do you mentally prepare? Learn from others and share what you know about training in advance for outdoor adventures.

Cross Country Backpacking Advice

Postby mikerunk » Fri Jul 27, 2007 2:00 am

OK here is the thing, in the next year and half I am planning on Backpacking from one end of the united states to the other. I have various reason for doing this.

Now while I haven't really planned this out, for now I need to learn as much as I can. While this is cross country backpacking trip I plan to stay along roads (this is for my own protection, it also cuts down on chances I will get lost.)

Now there so many things I need to learn and I need place to start. So figured maybe some of you can help me and give me pointers and books that I can read to get me on my way.

1.) I don't know how to read a Topo Map or how to use a compass. So this is one of the first things I need to learn how to do. Are there any good books that I can pick up that will teach me those skills.

2.) While I have ideas for food, yet I may have to depend on what mother nature can provided. However last thing I need to do is going eatting something and getting sick. I need to know types of planet in America that I can eat to how to catch small game for quick meal. (I do plan on taking fishing line and hooks with me). Are there any books I can pick up on this subject that will help me learn what I need to know.

3.) Is how to deal with different types of weather, especially in the winter. What types of Clothing should I take on my trip, how to build shelters and (which I may just take a tent or at least a tarp). Are there any books that you would recommend on this subject.

4.) Then there is gear. Are there any books out there that get in to various types of gear that I can look at and which are best and what not.

I think for now thats just what I have come up with off the top of my head. This trip like said is gone be year and half away, maybe even two years away. So I have lots of time to plan and get my self in the condition need to do this.

The other thing is that when I do this time will not be a factor, that sort of the whole point of this whole thing. If it takes me two years it takes me two years, shouldn't though. I am just tired of being bound by work and every thing in my world. I just want to break off and get away and do something that I can look back at and be proud of my self for doing. I know it sounds crazy.

I have always just existed and im tired of just existing. The way I figure it, in a wierd way im all ready dead cause I don't live life to fullest. So I figure what do I have to lose, why not take a chance and risk my life and go out and have an adventure, to find out what I am made up of.

I guess it does sound crazy, but any advice on books or just advice period would be most grateful.

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