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Foliage already turning colors!

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Re: Foliage already turning colors!

Postby mountaineer » Mon Sep 23, 2013 7:22 pm

Now there are some small high elevation groves to the north, but most are rather out of sight from highways.

Ditto! Some of my secret spots I found by sticking the truck in 4wd and driving down random dirt roads! Some great spots in the Bridgeport area like that.

The reason I am seeking as much information as possible before going is I only have 4 days...the up side is I have a lot of leeway as to when i use those 4 days. I have never been to Hope Valley for the colors and wanted to hit it on the same trip this time. Problem is, there is a lot of lag time between Bishop area turning and Hope Valley turning so seeing both on the same 4 day trip is probably not feasible.

I understand what you are saying Dave, about knowledge being important, but this year is really weird due to the drought. I was over there at the beginning of August and already saw some of the Sherwin area with yellow. I just can't get it nailed down this year.

On the other hand, last year I had to skip my eastside fall trip to go to Michigan for a wedding...got lucky and hit southern MI on their peak weekend.



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