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"The Sentinels" Mono Lake

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"The Sentinels" Mono Lake

Postby maverick » Tue Feb 14, 2012 4:04 pm

“The Sentinels”

These spectacular Tufa towers are formed by the interaction
of freshwater springs and alkaline lake water, and can create
eerie ghost like formations, and can be a photographers paradise.
When visiting these formations, some which I have named myself
like for example “The Patriarchs” and “The Sentinels”, which have
been a favorite of mine, and though this area has spectacular
opportunities for spellbinding sunsets, and sunrises that can
cover every color you can imagine, black & white works very well too.
Just to think that this lake was formed 760,000 years ago is by
Itself a reason for visiting this beautiful lake, but then add in the
Tufa’s, the Rabbitbrush, the 2,000,000 waterbirds the use the lake
to rest and eat part of the year, makes this place a nature lovers

It’s easy to let your imagination go wild, day or night in this place
where coyotes howl early in the morning, and where one can
feel the ageless solitude of these Tufa’s.
“The Sentinels” stand alone, overlooking the lake. As they stand
“on guard” one notice’s their adversaries remains around them.
During countless attempts of Tufa’s from the northern tribes to
breach the outer perimeters, which would have allowed them to
gain access to the heart of the fort, they had been beaten back
countless times or have been reduced to rubble.
As one studies the Tufa’s, the intricate surface of the rock stands out,
almost like the Tufa’s have scales themselves
On this morning, as the sun started to rise, the larger Sentinel blocked
it with its impressive mass.
The longer exposure gives the water an ice like surface, which
compliments the over all moon like feeling of the scene.
The fallen enemies around them adds texture, and an in-site to what
has taken place over the centuries. They also add what looks like
one might expect to find on the surface of the moon, and with
the ever-so light touch of yellow allowed to permeate the black &
white, it adds a hint of age to an already ageless place.

http://WildernessApertures.com/img/s3/v ... 6890-6.jpg

PS. Photo should look almost like a silvery, black & white with a touch
of yellow that adds a special dimension to the piece, if this is
not what your seeing, as my home laptop doesn't, than you will just
have to believe me that is truly a spectacular piece!
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Re: "The Sentinels" Mono Lake

Postby DriveFly44 » Wed Feb 15, 2012 9:31 pm

Good work Mav.......I get the colors you have intended. Nice piece.

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Re: "The Sentinels" Mono Lake

Postby Mradford » Tue May 29, 2012 12:06 pm

Nice Maverick! i have always wanted to get down there and check those things out up close. this is sort of like being there haha. Great shot!

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