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Camera battery life during long trips

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Re: Camera battery life during long trips

Postby SSSdave » Thu Jun 09, 2011 8:31 pm

Didn't notice this thread before posting the following on another thread:

Buy a few spare batteries and remember to religiously charge them right before any backpack.

Also have a 12v DC to AC converter for a vehicle cigaret lighter socket, that one can plug their battery charger into and thus charge batteries actively during road trips. Two years ago I met an in anguish botanist gal visiting Carrizo Plain National Monument at the peak of an outrageous spring wildflower bloom. She had a G10 camera like mine but her one battery charge had long gone. I told her about my converter and charger but could not wait around to help her out as it was late Sunday afternoon and I had a long drive back home with work the next morning.

I've always had at least 3 or 4 spares even for my G10 which has a hefty 1500 ma-hr battery. For we are backpackers that go places where one cannot charge batteries so having extra batteries is especially important. Almost every person I've backpacked with on week long trips the last decade even though carrying one or two spares has run low on battery capacity and had to limit picture taking. For those of us that take our battery operated toys into the wilderness, the better system is one which uses as few different types of batteries as possible so one can move them around. My external flash, light meter, pocket one-cell flashlight, headlamp, and the new SX130IS all take AA batteries and are all high end NIMH. Thus buying a camera that uses AA's has real value for a backpacker.

Several extra batteries are a small price to pay. Although NIMH have a lower capacity than the best lithium, they have way more capacity than the best alkaline and can be used over and over and over.

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