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Dante's Inferno

Postby maverick » Fri Feb 12, 2010 5:10 pm

While camping at 5 Little Lakes, towards the end of a 9 day trip, I was witness to
a sunset that I have yet to see again.
I had posted one of the photo's a while back of the view looking west towards the
ridge across the lake in which the sky, and lake were both on fire.
I was camping in between some trees across the small meadow from where the
backcountry ranger station is located.
The weather was rainy with numerous thunderstorms, and lightening brightening
up the sky, which otherwise was dark and ominous.
My day started earlier from Upper Funston Meadow where it rained pretty hard the
night before, but the day had started bright, and clear.
By the time I descended into the Big Arroyo I could hear the thunderclaps, and clouds
moving in from the southwest.
While in camp I had just enough time to set up my tent before the sprinkles turned
into hail, and then snow.
The temps took a serious nose dive according to my watch, a 30 degree drop in
a matter of minutes, that is what you call a fast moving cold front.
By early evening the snow, and rain had stopped, and with the clouds breaking up the
sunset promised to put on quite a show, at least I was hoping so.
As the sun set the show began with the clouds turning deep red, and then crimson, which
where even more magnified by the ever present dark black clouds, and dark blue
islands of sky above Kaweah Ridge.
I was in awe by the scenery I saw to the west, but when turning around once again
towards the east it brought my eyes upon this magnificent view of the Kaweah Ridge
being spotlighted by some of the last crimson colored rays of the sun.
Bon Appetite

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