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My Sierra Nevada Trips

Topics covering photography and videography of the flora, fauna and landscape of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Show off your talent. Post your photos and videos here!

My Sierra Nevada Trips

Postby JWreno » Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:02 am

I created a web site of my photos and notes from backpacking trips back to 1993.
I have been shooting digital since 2003 and noticed how many more photos I take
when I don't worry about developing film. I took 840 shots on my 2008 JMT trip.
I did this as way of organization my photos and descriptions of each trip. I plan to
create some maps to show my routes but have only done that on my 2008 trip so far.
I shoot with a Canon 40D when not backpacking but have been using a Canon SD800
for the last few trips. Here a link to my trips and pictures.



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