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busy 2015 photographer

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busy 2015 photographer

Postby SSSdave » Sun Jun 21, 2015 5:30 pm

Nice to spend a weekend at home for once. Now June 21 first day of summer. This year over the 25 weekends or 170 days despite a m-f 8-5 hi tech job, have been out on 20 day trips 4 multi-day road trips 1 backpack over 39 total days. My spring was particularly busy and surprisingly productive despite the drought.

http://www.davidsenesac.com/Spring_2015 ... 015-1.html

Then as the summer season began on the Memorial Day holiday did a 9 day road trip up to Lassen and then our north coast redwood parks and Mendocino coast. Some rather strong landscapes in the redwoods though will not be showing most of my stronger Lassen material. Was able to figure out how to use the A6000 well in those dim forest areas.

http://www.davidsenesac.com/Summer_2015 ... 015-1.html

Then this last weekend launched summer backpacking with 3 of us doing a weekend warm-up trip to Island Lake in Desolation Wilderness. Landscapes were ho hum but allowed coming up to speed using my new Nodal Ninja III panoramic head before the 9-day trip.

http://www.davidsenesac.com/Summer_2015 ... 015-3.html

In between have been squeezing in time processing images and writing these website features which are all hand coded in html and css. The image processing is especially time consuming now that I've fully switched to a digital system because of all the focus stack blending and stitch blending work. So this weekend knocked out the summer_2015 html files so can now relax a bit in order to attend to our upcoming 9-day trip over Duck Pass early July.


Sometime later this year will buy a large 4k UHD display setup to do public image multimedia exhibitions and may buy additional monitors for such. The considerable text in the above will be part of the dialogue I expect to use speaking before the public and is a reason I'm getting it in place while such is still fresh in my thoughts. So are more than just feature links on my website. If that goes smoothly have over a hundred big 4x5 Provia transparencies most of which are in my Gallery_B that I will expensively have drum scanned at $80 each or such and then processed.


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