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hitch-hiking from Whitney Portal to Cottonwood Lakes TH

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hitch-hiking from Whitney Portal to Cottonwood Lakes TH

Postby Willy Makeit » Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:23 pm

I'm planning to solo hike from Cottonwood Lakes trailhead, then exiting at Whitney Portal. What is the best way for me to work this out with my car? I would like to park it at WP, and if necessary, hitch-hike down the hill and then get another ride up to Cottonwood Lakes trailhead. I've never been in this area before and don't know how easy it would be to hitch-hike. I could do the shuffle either late evening or early morning the next day. Which would be better? (The High Sierra Shuttle would charge ~$190!!) Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: hitch-hiking from Whitney Portal to Cottonwood Lakes TH

Postby markskor » Thu Aug 18, 2011 6:56 pm

Probably hitching should be quite do-able, (and a lot cheaper), especially with a sign reading ' Horseshoe Meadows. Leaving the car at the Portal (good idea for when you return) and getting down to the HM junction should be easy - I would do it in a second.
The rest of the way though might take you a while, but as there is only one road destination - up to HM, and you are alone...With an obvious backpack...
Figure one full day for this, but not surprised if probably shorter, especially if done on a weekend.

FYI, the time we did this, (5 years ago) it was only $160 - inflation.
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Re: hitch-hiking from Whitney Portal to Cottonwood Lakes TH

Postby SPeacock » Mon Apr 02, 2012 12:00 pm

Always best to park your car as close to your destination trail head as possible and take up the hitch hiking slack in the first part of the trip. Your car at the Portal has to be absolutely clean on the inside. Not even a rubber band or paperclip in sight. If paranoid you always hide a spare key under one of the tires. But then everybody knows that.

You won't be as aromatic trying to find a ride the first day. Besides it is always a lot more satisfying if you are only 30 minutes from a pizza and a cold drink. The problem always is that most of the rides you are looking for seem to be going up hill in the mornings and downhill in the evenings. You have both to contend with.

You might offer your down hill ride $20+ to take you the extra 40 miles (for him) to Horseshoe Meadows. As said before you need a BIG SIGN. You can ditch it in the trash can at start of trail.
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