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Speeding In Yosemite

All discussion related to transportation to, from and within the Sierra Nevada. Need directions or flight information? Info on road conditions? A ride to the trail head? Can you offer a ride, or do you run a transportation business or shuttle service for the Sierra Nevada? Come on in and post the details!

Re: Speeding In Yosemite

Postby AlmostThere » Tue Feb 09, 2016 8:52 am

I have had traffic woes in Yosemite, at both ends of the spectrum. The slow SUV in front of me, that backed up 25+ cars (I stopped being able to count them all as they were never all in view at the same time, after a while) between the south gate and the Glacier Point turnoff -- 5 - 8 miles per hour and never taking a turnout no matter how much we honked and flashed headlamps. I pulled an illegal racecar stunt in the parking area in front of the bathroom at the Glacier Point turnout to get in front of him and it must have got the point across -- we saw some of the very familiar cars that had been behind us after that, so he must have finally pulled off and let people by.

Then there was that three hours of sitting for fifteen minutes, inching a car length, sitting for fifteen minutes.... between Curry Village and Yosemite Village, at 2 pm one summer afternoon... Longest mile in the park.

Then there was the dude who shot past us around 80 mph in front of El Capitan, only to find us rolling up behind him when he had to stop in the parking/pedestrian zoo at the bus stop just a ways up from there....

The Honda we drove past on Tioga Road - it was on its side in the ditch, wheels still spinning. Two disgruntled, scared looking kids and a screaming red faced mom, and a really sheepish looking dad, standing on the hill nearby. Glad everyone was ok.

The times we came around corners on Tioga Road to find a rental car sitting parked in the middle of the road, with all former occupants standing on the edge taking pictures.

Good times.

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