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Leaving Monday for SHR, Need help w/ Hitchhiking from Twin L

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Leaving Monday for SHR, Need help w/ Hitchhiking from Twin L

Postby michaelc » Sun Jun 22, 2014 12:15 am

Can anyone confirm for me that there is multi-day parking by twin lakes?

I want to hitchhike from there to the start of the SHR at the Onion Valley Trailhead. Annet's Mono Village isn't that close to the hwy so what time should I get there if I want to find a ride at least to the hwy where more people might pick me up? I thought if I leave early and get there by noon there might be few people leaving, but if I go later I might not get all the way to Independence.

How long should I expect it to take?

I gave someone a ride once, but never hitchhiked before--is it customary to give a tip?

What do I do if I'm out on the road, can't find a ride and the sun sets?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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Re: Leaving Monday for SHR, Need help w/ Hitchhiking from Twin L

Postby wes » Mon Jun 23, 2014 1:09 pm

I haven't hitched a ride recently. I still offer rides to hitch hikers who appear non-threatening and are presentable. Usually for short distances only. You can offer gas money if you have spare cash. As far as a time table, it's almost impossible to forecast. You might get a ride right away. You may have to wait along time. Resort areas present a special problem. Many people are already loaded-up with kids, dogs, equipment, etc. Good Luck
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Re: Leaving Monday for SHR, Need help w/ Hitchhiking from Twin L

Postby markskor » Mon Jun 23, 2014 4:20 pm

Mono Village has a safe, pay-n-park policy thing set up for long-term backpacker vehicles. A few years back, I think it was ~$10/week but knowing how tight-fisted they are up there - probably a bit more now.
BTW, the famous Cafe Coctail at Upper Twin has a great hot turkey sand and even better home-made pie (ala mode?)
Hitching with a backpack can be tedious - stay happy. As one who just thumbed solo from Oakhurst to Mammoth last week, some tips:
- Hitching through the Bridgeport area is hit or miss thing. A good thing you are hitching out of Twin Lakes...lots easier than going into Twin Lakes. I would ask around some - anybody logical at the complex before standing out on the road.
- Make sure your backpack (people will pick up real backpackers - not highway bums) is visiblly propped up in front of you, and looking tidy and professional-like.
- Carry a sign - one clearly saying your backpack destination.
- Wear a hat. Wash up before...do not stink!
- Word to the wise - If you get out of the car alone (food or restroom), take your pack out with you ...(long story.)
- Once in Bridgeport, hike the 1/2 mile to the bridge/past the Y south, just out of town.
- Standing on the curb is considered loitering; standing in the street (over the white line) is hitch-hiking. There is a law against hitch-hiking - not for loitering in Ca. This is an important distinction as there is a CHP base and jail in Bridgeport.
- Expect all rides to come from foreigners or fellow backpackers. - seldom get rides from all those big, empty pickups that pass you by...sigh.
- Make sure that there is a place for cars to pull over and stop (easily and safely) right in back of you, up the road.
- If you are carring any suspect chemicals/IE pot, put them in a crumpled brown bag (road trash like) and throw it down off the curb about 20 feet behind you. (Don't forget to pick up when you get a ride.)
- Carry water, You might have to overnight. Do not get discouraged. Allow a full day to get anywhere. Remember, there are worse places to be stuck, than on 395.
- Smile and wave to all...you never know.
BTW, I never mention money or offer any tip...just a heartfelt thanks.
Good luck!
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