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JMT Gear List

Share your advice and personal experiences, post a gear review or ask any questions you may have pertaining to outdoor gear and equipment.

Re: JMT Gear List

Postby no2haven » Sat Jun 29, 2013 11:50 am

I can't open the gear list on my phone, but I'd keep your tent over using a tarp/cowboy camp if you're leaving in 5 days just for the bug protection.

You didn't mention how long you're planning to take on the trip...36 pounds without food is heavy, but if you're not planning on banging the trail out in 5 days it isn't a deal breaker. Take it slow, and enjoy the scenery and fishing!

Edit: Actually looked at the list :) I think it looks pretty good!

A couple questions:
1. What's the short sleeve shirt for? You list a long-sleeve as your hiking shirt, so what does the short sleeve buy you? I've pretty much stopped taking short sleeves into the Sierra - a nice wicking, light weight long-sleeve shirt like you have listed is fine when it's hot.
2. Do you need both an extra bandanna (non-wearing, so I assume for wiping things off) and a pack towel?
3. Like someone else above, I'm also confused by the collapsible bucket in the cooking section.
4. Maybe it's UL sacrilege, but I can only wear hiking underwear for about 3 days before it starts chaffing. I usually bring two pairs so I can wash one out and let it dry.
5. Do you need the iPhone? I use mine as a GPS tracking tool on short outings, but the battery won't last for more than a couple days of that...if you want it for piece of mind, it's certainly worth it, but on a long trip you'll barely be able to use it day-to-day. If you wanted the music (didn't see earphones listed) I've found that a nano works better for the weight/battery life.
6. I second the trashbag as a liner idea. It works great, and doesn't weigh anything. Just put anything from the outside that can't get wet into the main compartment of your bag if the sky looks threatening.
7. There aren't any maps listed in your gearlist :)

As an aside, is the belt comfortable when wearing a pack? I've never used one, but my pack's hipstraps push my pants down and it'd be nice to stop that (the pants stay up just fine without a belt). Can't be sagging in the backcountry!

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Re: JMT Gear List

Postby DriveFly44 » Sat Jun 29, 2013 2:58 pm

Thanks for posting this Derek. I may post mine as well if there's time. Some great suggestions and comments that certainly spur re-evaluation.

Our goal wasn't to go ultra-light but have a reasonable base weight. I see Derek's base-weight as it stands as 29 (skin out was 35). I think my base is around 25 but still not done (adding and subtracting)

Trash compactor for inside bag.....that's what I'm doing.

Collapsible bucket.....it's 3 ounces and holds ten liters. We plan on camping away from H2O sources at times so this offers a lot of flexibility. Is is a must.....no.

Tarp tent.....28 ounces is light enough for me too and keeps the bugs out.

Oh, we're hiking the JMT TO fish. 2 rods is almost a must on a 27 day backpack trip (of a lifetime for us) where you break a rod (which I have done), your three years of planning and hundreds of hours scouting lakes and streams goes down the drain. For 3-4 more ounces it's worth it.

Oh, I have the maps :)

Back to packing.

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Re: JMT Gear List

Postby frediver » Sat Jun 29, 2013 9:43 pm

On the Day pack, if you really want one why not just use your sleeping bag stuff sack?
Add a real long draw string and either sew a couple small "D" rings to the bottom corners
of the stuff sack to tie the ends of the draw string to or just slip a stone onto the corners and tie
around those, your drawstrings become shoulder straps. You could slip on short pc.s' of tubular
webbing to help distribute some weight if you like. I'm sure you have seen these lite weight pack
bags in the store with shoes in them or as product give aways. You will not be able to carry much
weight in a bag like this, imo 8-10lbs tops but it is better than nothing if you are carrying a stuff bag
anyway. I bet the total weight for improvements is less than 2oz., a little more cord and a couple
rings is all.
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Re: JMT Gear List

Postby venturefar » Tue Jul 02, 2013 5:54 am

Got my base weight down to 28 pounds. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
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JMT Gear List

Postby Ross939 » Sun Jul 07, 2013 9:32 pm

For my son's upcoming JMT hike, his base weight is currently 19.2 lbs.

So far, he is packing:

ULA Circuit, Osprey pack cover

Bearvault 500

30 degree ul sleeping bag ( will probably ad a throw fleece for an additional lb).

1p tent (KoPPEN, from Dick's) >3lb
Tent Tarp

Thermarest Sol (R) mattress Pad

Clothes wearing: LS Under Amor base layer, SS Under Armor (I advised against a LS and SS shirt, but that's what he says is comfy for him). Columbia conversion pants wool socks, 6" boots. 9" Under Armour compression shorts as underwear.

Clothing Packed: KoPPEN down jacket, wool stocking cap thin light gloves, UA compression shorts 1 p wool socks, wool long johns, Frog Togs UL Poncho.

Kitchen: Pocket Rocket with 100g lp tank + spare, stored in compact pot/lid combo (lightweight anodized aluminum). Spare stored separately.

Electronics: Xperia L cell phone, to use as camera, Contour action cam ( GoPro style video cam) solar charger about the same size/weight as cell phone).

Sundries kit: toothpaste, TB, TP floss, 10 bandages, small tube Desatin (original formula, yes, diaper rash ointment is a great go to for chaffing, rashes, bites, etc.).

And one thing I forgot to weight was the telescoping fishing pole and reel.
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