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Organizer or Spontaneous Backpacker?

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Re: Organizer or Spontaneous Backpacker?

Postby Wandering Daisy » Thu May 02, 2013 8:12 pm

My life not only tends towards chaos, I have had to store my backpack gear in several locations all over the house and garage. But, it really is not a problem since I have a spreadsheet and do most of my planning on paper and then just gather up everything. I do bring everything inside the night I return (got over $1000 of gear stolen from my car parked in my garage a few years back), but it all gets dumped in the guest bedroom and there it sits, up to a week or more before I finally get it all put back where it belongs. It is not the big stuff, but all the little stuff that is a real pain. Like discovering you are out of chapstick while packing. Or out of those little tubes of toothpaste. And my favorite- cannot find a full canister of fuel, even though I have two milk crates of partially used ones.

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Re: Organizer or Spontaneous Backpacker?

Postby AlmostThere » Thu May 02, 2013 9:05 pm

Right now the living room is four piles and side scatter of gear due to the transition from winter to summer. SAR gear in one pile with climbing paraphernalia, winter gear in a big heap, multiple backpacks in another pile, bear cans standing at the ready, and a sack of single serve instant coffee, granola bars, freeze dried crapola sitting there waiting for a SAR, and random meals for more leisurely pursuits. And a row of canisters for the stoves waiting at the ready, in various states of full. The shoes and boots are lined up in a corner and the day packs are leaning against the vacuum cleaner. Bag and quilts are all draped over the chairs airing out. Rain gear folded and lined up - Event pants, Marmot Precips, North Face jacket, emergency poncho, umbrella.

Upstairs - the bins full of more bandaids, chapsticks, platypus bladders, and other gear bought in multiples and lying in wait for something to break.

Last weekend, went to the middle fork of the Kaweah... this weekend, it's the Diving Board in Yosemite. Thinking it might be a hammock weekend.
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