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Re: Personal Locator Beacon

Post by Scouter9 » Thu Nov 15, 2012 10:12 am

rlown wrote:If your phone works in the back country, you're not out far enough. And you're missing the point of the experience. Bugs me as much as the ipod crap. Remember when we used to just sing songs? not be plugged in..
:D I do remember that. I also remember being surprised at how far "in" Verizon signal now goes. You might be, too, when you find out. By the way, sat-signal reaches everywhere other than caves and Big Brother can read the High Sierra Topix decal on your Bear Vault if you leave it out. (You're not paranoid, they really are watching. :wink: )

I'm very sure that I'm not missing "the point of the experience", however: I am able to take adults and youth to places you may find pedestrian or "old hat", but that I have loved for more than 30 years and that, for many of them, are seen for the first time by my companions. For me, this is the point of the experience, not my own Luddite tendencies.

If I get my companions "hooked", or incite the Sierra Epiphany, my job is done and you should just be happy we're not crowding up the trails or snatching all the fish from the more exotic locations you prefer!

As to PLB's and the ability to check in, etc... I am eagerly reading another thread that's arisen. Once I became responsible for others, beyond even my family, my approach to safety and communication began to evolve. Darnitall if electronics aren't creeping in.

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