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Favorite Topo Map Software?

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Re: Favorite Topo Map Software?

Postby BSquared » Sat Apr 14, 2012 3:55 am

gdurkee wrote:And there's the question: what free or cheap mapping software is out there for the Mac (not that I'd ever use one. But I know people...).

As I noted earlier, I'm a long-time "MacGPS Pro" user http://www.macgpspro.com. It's now up to sixty bucks, which ain't exactly "cheap," but it's not outrageous, either.

I really like paper maps, too, and also remember fondly when I could ramble into the Menlo Park store, and later the Wyoming State Geological Survey store on the U Wyo campus. Sigh... I bought a bunch of paper maps for our upcoming Swiss Alps trip, and the Swiss topo maps are gorgeous—truly works of art!

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Re: Favorite Topo Map Software?

Postby rlown » Sat Apr 14, 2012 10:17 am

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After I moved, I ordered my maps from USGS..

Does this bring back any memories?

Maps 002.JPG

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Re: Favorite Topo Map Software?

Postby SierraMaclure » Sat Apr 14, 2012 7:37 pm

My husband got me Terrain Navigator Pro for Christmas a few years ago. He's HEAVILY into Contra Costa County Search and Rescue and has helped bring the whole state's SAR mapping into the 21st century. When he joined 5 years ago they were using xeroxes of xeroxes of the Thomas guide. I was appalled. I love TNP and print out customized maps for all my clients on my trips. I teach map and compass and they all get a map to learn with on the trip and take home as a souvenir. I love to see them taking notes on their maps. Last year I learned to load a route on my gps so I wouldn't get lost with clients on the Pohono Trail covered with snow. Similarly, I loaded a route out to Dewey Pt. cuz I knew we'd be going out there in a blizzard and probably no broken trail. I also find it helpful in planning my once a year big trip, usually of-trail, with friends. With that and Google Earth, I'm pretty set, except, of course, for the 10 foot verticals where we need to shimmy up or down, like over Potluck Pass. But that's what keeps it interesting. :thumbsup:
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