Stove of the Week: The Caldera Cone

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Re: Stove of the Week: The Caldera Cone

Post by hikin_jim » Tue Nov 29, 2011 3:22 pm

Bluewater wrote:It's a Caldera Cone after an accidental fuel spill. A good example of how not to use a Caldera Cone. . .

lol. OK, good. I was wondering if there were some new product out from Trail Designs.

I guess spills are the one bad thing about alcohol stoves, most of which are not sealed like a canister or pressure stove are.


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Re: Stove of the Week: The Caldera Cone

Post by freestone » Mon Dec 05, 2011 10:20 pm

A Caldera cone fitted for the Trangia 28 series pot and lid.


Two cups of water at a good boil in about 6 minutes in perfect garage.

The cone has a tendency to stick to the pot.
An alternate setup with a teapot, using the Trangia burner and support (not shown).
The cone has to be lifted to access the teapot.
The Trangia burner lights easier and can be snuffed, but the 12-10 is much lighter. Both stoves could boil 2 cups on 20mL but not 15mL. The Trangia burns hot and quick, the 12-10 cooler and longer. All this was done in a cold garage with no wind. According to the maker, the sticking issue will resolve itself as it breaks in. I'm not so sure about that, every time I unrolled it from storage the sticking was happening.
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