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MSR Whisperlite Universal -- Completed Review

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MSR Whisperlite Universal -- Completed Review

Postby hikin_jim » Mon Oct 10, 2011 8:21 pm

I've been working on a review of the new MSR Whisperlite Universal.

The big news is that the new Whisperlite Universal will run on gas as well as liquid fuel.
Running on canister gas. NICE big flames.

My review of the new MSR Whisperlite Universal is complete and now available:
MSR Whisperlite Universal Review.

By the way, Seattle Backpackers Magazine is a worthwhile read even if you're not interested in my particular article.

Configuring the stove for different fuels (YouTube video):

More photos:
Running on white gasoline (Coleman fuel).

Putting out some heat!

The new Whisperlite (left) and the old Whisperlite (right).

Running on kerosene.

Stove testing at First Water on the Mt. Wilson Trail.

It's a really nice stove and a really nice job by MSR.

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