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Water Bottles or Hydration Pack?

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Re: Water Bottles or Hydration Pack?

Postby Clubb » Sun Apr 17, 2011 2:18 pm

I use a bottle and bladder in most situations. My MSR filter hooks up to wide mouth Nalgenes so I keep one of those on me. On the trail I like to have my bladder.

I gotta say, I sweat a lot, so I drink a lot of water. That said, having the ability to drink on the go is a convenience I relish. I'm a big fan of hydration bladders. Camelbak is the best in my opinion.

I just bought an Osprey Atmos 65 which is built with the Air Speed system. Basically theres a space between your back and the pack for ventilation. I bought the pack for the fit and feel. Well, in this space you can hang a bladder, and naturally I want to try and maximize the space in my pack. I hung one of the new Camelbak Antidotes in it. It is wider and flatter than the older Camelbak bladders, perfect for the space on my pack. Around the house, this setup feels really good with 30 lbs. I'm goin out tonight on a training hike with the dog...........

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